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Our Development -
the key to your product

A team of biochemists, food engineers, ecotrophologists and laboratory specialists will convert the customer specifications into a recipe suitable for production. With professionalism, experience and sure instincts, they align the required characteristics such as taste, smell, consistency, stability and optimal handling with the technical and economical requirements.

After clarifying the details, we develop a recipe design for calculation followed by laboratory prototypes, which the customer can check and approve. That’s not where the development ends. Often, pilot tests, filling tests and stability monitoring are necessary. For this purpose, we have a pilot facility in which we can test the producibility on a small scale. After the production, the products are further monitored to see if the properties remain stable over time.

Even if a ready-made recipe is available or contract bottling is desired, our development team checks the formulation and reviews the technical feasibility.

A carefully developed recipe is the most important prerequisite for good quality!

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