Product Development

We give you the foundations for a successful nutrition product

NUTRICHEM’s team of biochemists, food engineers, nutritionists, and laboratory specialists can transform your specifications into a production-ready recipe. NUTRICHEM’s in-house R&D team is available to support clients with the knowledge and expertise to perfect their recipes. 

Our team ensures that your product is developed with the optimal taste, smell, consistency, and stability while meeting all technical requirements and in line with your business requirements. You can also rely on our experience and market intelligence to give you the data and the right insights to make the right decisions for your business. 

The process:

Clients brief NUTRICHEM with all the details and their objectives
NUTRICHEM develops an initial recipe for testing
The recipe is sent to the lab, then samples, after they meet client requirements, are sent to the client for approval
After the pilot tests, filling and stability tests may still be required. For this, we have a specialized testing plant where we can produce small batches for rigorous screening. 
Full-scale production begins
Products are continuously monitored to see if the properties remain stable over time. 
Follow-up and further product development and enhancements can be made if the client requests it.

“...We believe the key to developing a successful nutrition product is a robust process that ensures the highest levels of quality from concept to market...”

            Angelika Müller — NUTRICHEM's Managing Director 

Contract Manufacturing

Experience you can trust, technology you can rely on

NUTRICHEM follows a methodical, structured approach to contract manufacturing. We set up several touchpoints for the client to connect with us during different parts of the process. We also thoroughly review documentation to ensure that there is constant adherence to all the manufacturing requirements. Most importantly, we have a proactive team that constantly communicates with the client about the current supply chain and manufacturing process.

We are experts in tailoring solutions because we understand that every client has different needs.

The process:

We carefully check all of the requirements and come back to our clients with options on how to proceed. 

We then go over: 
The product concept
Types of services
Price and quantity expectations
Legal and regulatory issues
Distribution channels

Based on these factors, we will be able to develop a quote. We can also offer our support as early as the concept phase. Profit from our experience:

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If you need help with legal issues, our experts are available to guide you with everything from creating labels, marketability, to advertising and other potential regulatory or compliance matters.

We employ a centralized order process, so we can coordinate incoming orders, procurement, production planning, and delivery to ensure you receive your orders in time so you can take your product to market with an impact.

Read about our Quality Control Standards


Fully automated high-bay warehouse, 18,000 pallet spaces for large scale operations

We have the capacity and capability to store raw materials, packaging materials, samples, and finished goods in our warehouse. We have a full-automated system that ensures maximum efficiency at all times. 

All your logistics needs are managed in one place.

We can store your raw materials and finished products, freeing up your warehouse so you can maintain your operations. 

We can handle:

Inventory management
Picking up
Shipping to you or your customers
Customs clearance advice and support
Forwarding agent selection

We rely on the latest technology to manage our logistics to ensure every step of the process is efficient and effective to ensure your venture is profitable.

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